Kalawen Weather Station with 3 Outdoor Sensors



Never be caught off-guard by the weather again! Get the Kalawen Weather Station with 3 Outdoor Sensors and stay informed of all weather conditions. With accurate readings and a user-friendly design, you'll always know what to expect. Find out more

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Kalawen Weather Station with 3 Outdoor Sensors: Your Personal Weather Forecast Assistant

Have you been searching for a reliable and accurate weather station that can provide you with an understanding of what's happening outside, whether rain or shine? Look no further than the Kalawen Weather Station with 3 Outdoor Sensors. With enhanced features and a user-friendly design, the Kalawen Weather Station simplifies your life by providing you with the detailed weather information you need to plan for your day.

Get Accurate Weather Readings Everywhere with your Kalawen Weather Station

The Kalawen Weather Station with 3 Outdoor Sensors displays outdoor temperature, humidity, weather forecast, indoor temperature, and humidity, date, alarm and slumber, barometer readings and more. Our weather station includes three outdoor sensors that allow you to get a full understanding of the weather conditions right from your home. Simple and vivid icons forecast sunny, cloudy, rainy or snowy conditions in the next 24 hours, making it easier to prepare for any conditions. Whether it's summer or winter, you will always have access to the current temperature, humidity levels, and upcoming weather conditions.

Wireless Sensor Technology for Accurate Results

Our weather station comes with a high-tech wireless remote sensor that offers transmission ranges of up to 60m, which means you can place them in your backyard, garden or courtyard and get real-time weather monitoring. The sensors include cutting-edge technology that captures and transmits temperature and humidity data immediately. You do not have to be a meteorologist to know how the weather is going to be like.

Personalized Weather Forecast

Kalawen Weather Station's three sensors work in unison to collect real-time data outdoors to generate a forecast that is accurate, personalized, and specific to your location. Our weather station is not like watching the weather forecast on TV or receiving one-size-fits-all information online. We offer unique and accurate weather readings specific to your location so you can make weather-based decisions with confidence.

Two Power Modes & MSF Radio included

The Kalawen Weather Station can be powered in two modes depending on your preference - with a 100-240v AC adapter (included), or AA battery (not included). It features an energy-saving mode that turns off the screen automatically after 10 seconds of inactivity. Additionally, it comes with MSF Radio that calibrates weather station time to ensure accuracy.

Points to Note When Setting up Your Kalawen Weather Station

Kalawen Weather Station is designed and crafted with care to deliver accurate, dependable readings for the long haul. When you turn on the weather station for the first time, it may take 3-7 minutes to calibrate the time to radio-control. Please wait patiently for your screen to light up. For indoor and outdoor sensors, temperature error is within 1 degree Celsius, while air pressure error is within 5%. To get the most accurate readings, keep your outdoor sensors away from direct rain exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I connect my Kalawen Weather Station with my phone or computer?

Unfortunately, Kalawen Weather Station does not support remote monitoring via a phone or computer app. However, you can quickly check the readings on the backlit display.

  • What transmission range do Kalawen Weather Station's wireless sensors have?

The wireless sensors can send data to the display unit (built-in sensor) up to a range of 60 meters.

  • How often do Kalawen Weather Station's sensors transmit data?

Our sensors transmit data every 16 seconds for indoor readings and every 60 seconds for outdoor readings.

  • Can Kalawen Weather Station be powered with batteries?

Yes, it can be powered by AA batteries (not included) as an alternative to the AC adapter.

  • How accurate are the Kalawen Weather Station's readings?

Our weather station delivers exceptionally accurate readings, with a temperature error of +/- 1 degree Celsius and an air pressure error of within 5%.

Order your Kalawen Weather Station with 3 Outdoor Sensors today, and enjoy greater control over your comfort and everyday life. Still not convinced? Don't hesitate to check out our other reviews, such as the one on the Netatmo weather station.


  • Package Dimensions : ‎28.9 x 26.2 x 6.2 cm; 720 Grams
  • Brand : Kalawen
  • Part number : ‎QXZ3383-UK
  • Power source type : ‎Battery Powered
  • Item model number : ‎QXZ3383-UK
  • ASIN : ‎B07Y1G9JW4
  • Display type : LCD
  • Power source : Battery Powered
  • Colour : Black1
  • Are batteries included : No

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